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At GVA 360 Marketplace, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of the trust you place in us when purchasing our services. Due to the nature of our services, we adhere to a strict no refund and no return policy once a service has been purchased or rendered.

No Refunds

All purchases of services from GVA 360 Marketplace are final. We do not offer refunds once a service has been purchased. We invest significant resources in preparing and providing our services, and this policy is in place to protect the integrity and sustainability of our business.

No Returns

As we offer services, not physical products, we cannot accept returns. Services, once delivered, cannot be returned or undone. We encourage our customers to review the service descriptions carefully and contact our customer service team with any questions before making a purchase.

Cancellation Policy

While cancellations do not qualify for a refund, we may, at our discretion, allow you to reschedule the listing for another time. Please note that repeated cancellations may result in restrictions on your ability to post further ads on our platform.

Exceptional Circumstances

We understand that exceptional circumstances may occur. If you believe your situation warrants an exception to our no refund policy, please contact our customer service team with detailed information about your case. We will review your request on a case-by-case basis and determine if an exception can be made.

Customer Service Contact Information

For any inquiries, concerns, or requests regarding our Service Refund and Return Policy, please reach out to our customer service team at:


Your satisfaction and trust in GVA 360 Marketplace are of utmost importance to us. We are here to ensure that your experience with our services meets your expectations and needs.